Peace with the Plan

One of my (largest? most noticeable? most annoying?) flaws is that when I’m interested in something, I delve into it until I burn out. The burnout can happen in a matter of days, or years, but most often within a few weeks. It can literally be about anything, knitting, web development, calligraphy, hiking, (blogging!) you name it. Hobbies start to become interesting!

I’ve often wondered if this is truly the best use of my time. Not that the activities themselves are bad, honestly they are perfectly fine, but the investing so much that inevitably my spirit no longer wants to engage in the activity is a higher threshold than it needs to be. God calls us to balance and temperance.

Has anyone ever been on a particularly moving retreat experience? If you’re anything like me, you’ve left feeling on fire for God and so committed to bringing His Gospel to the world as soon as you recover from your post-retreat nap. All too often, that fire dies out before you can truly spread its warmth.

Building a strong fire does not mean putting all of your wood into a pile, pouring an entire can of gasoline and watching it burn. It takes time and care, adding kindling or additional fuel to the flame where it’s needed.

Just like activities that end in burnout, our relationship with God can result in the same. This Lent, I’ve really been enjoying the Blessed Is She Lent Journal, as it helps to provide some of the kindling for the flame of my faith. Lenten observances are feeling a little more substantial as I’m not focusing on diving headfirst into a chocolate fast, but taking the time daily to read, reflect, and renew my relationship with God, in small, easy to handle entries. It’s not how I would’ve shaped my Lent, but clearly, my plans have their flaws.

What do you do to keep from burnout in your faith and your daily life?

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