The Heart of a Woman

Wait, both readings are on women ‘committing’ adultery…?

I was incredulous flipping through the pages of my Magnificat as I sat down to daily Mass yesterday morning. Feeling a little Catholic feminist rage bubbling up on me, I took it to prayer as I reflected on the first reading of Susanna.

Side note: Blessed is She does a great job with the readings if you care to get a quick reference as to what I’m discussing. 

Back to the rage…

Looking at these two readings, my first thought was 1. Where’s the man in the Gospel, and 2. It’s hard enough to be a woman, yet throw the “your word against ours” mentality, how is a woman of God set to succeed?

The lightbulb went off. Of course.

I will put enmity between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;

Genesis 3:15

We’re barely three chapters into the story of salvation when Satan’s biggest enemy (at that time) is revealed. Woman.

Because of Eve’s assertion to God that the serpent tempted her to sin, the serpent is punished. Of course, Eve and Adam have their own awful consequences, but the serpent is very powerfully cursed.

You know those feelings you have when someone commits a perceived offense against you and you immediately desire revenge? Can you imagine the intensity of Satan’s anger?

How does he attempt his revenge? Through the heart of a woman.

Satan wants nothing but to destroy the beautiful relationship between God and one of his daughters. And he is relentless!

Have you ever heard of ladies being “nothing but drama”? Why do you think that is? I rarely (if ever) hear such labels on gentlemen. Because Satan attacks at our deepest insecurities and tells us to compare ourselves to the women in our midst because we’ll never be good enough. He attacks where we are most vulnerable.

Susanna, a pure and holy woman after God’s own heart was the target for two men and their lustful desires. Yet she remained noble and righteous before God. What would have happened if she had given into their demands? Not only would she have sinned before God, but certainly could have been subject to the same fate as in the reading. There was no way in which she could prevail.

Yet she did.

She trusted in the Lord wholeheartedly.

Daniel 13:35

When we trust God, wholeheartedly, we are focused on His plan for us, His loving gaze on us, and our future with Him. He comforts us where we are most vulnerable.

If we look back through stories of the Bible, the most miraculous things happen when a woman trusts God.

  • A brother is raised from the dead
  • A conviction is overturned
  • A life is saved
  • Regions are brought to Christ
  • The Savior of the World is born


How is a woman of God to succeed with an attacker like Satan? Just the same as Susanna, facing insurmountable odds…she trusted in the Lord, wholeheartedly.

This week, dear sisters of Eve, let us ask God to help us build our trust in Him, shine the light and comfort us where we are vulnerable. 

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